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::Uruguay.com / Useful Information about Uruguay / Enter to the Country / Advice to the Tourist
::Uruguay.com / Useful Information about Uruguay / Enter to the Country / Advice to the Tourist

to take into account

Remember that when you visit a foreign country, the laws and culture of that country are applied. It is advisable then to be informed and respect them. In this sense it is worth pointing out: 1- You cannot enter food and other organic products, animals and/or vegetables. If you wish to enter animals then they should be acompanied by an official health certificate properly legalized. 2-When crossing a border or internal customs , declare all the goods that are under your possession which entering is not authorized without paying import taxes (tv, cameras, computers, etc.) 3-The pedestrian paths and zebra crossing give absolute preference to the pedestrian's way, even when there are no traffic lights. It is conevenient, therefor, to be attentive to the appearence of them and not exceed the permitted speed limits.  4-In the bridges of the routes, where there is not enough room for two vehicles which circulate in opposite direction, the preference of passage is always for those vehicles that circulate in direction of Montevideo. It is to say that who, for example, are heading for Colonia from Montevideo should stop and wait the proper moment of entering the bridge.  5-Some streets of the city of Montevideo and other cities have preference of passage. Be careful in the corners and respect specially the PSRE (STOP) and CEDA EL PASO (GIVE WAY) signs.  6-Drive carefully and respectfully in the routes. Pey much attention in urbanized areas and in routes crossroads. 7-In the ourte it is compulsory to use dimmed lights 24 hs. 8-Are specially dangerous the level routes crossroads. It is recommended in all cases to respect speed limits and pay much attention in this kind of intersections, particularly of routes 8 and 11 (Canelones), interbalnearia route (Montevideo-Punta del Este) and of route 1 (Colonia-Montevideo).  9-If you drink, do not drive. Si toma alcohol no conduzca. There are strict alcohol controls.  10-Try to avoid entering other's people objects when crossing borders. 11-Take woth yourself only necessary money and, in case of hold up, do not resist using violence. Avoid circulating in places that look dangerous. Do not neglect you personal objects, do leave them in the beaches, inside cars or at hand without custody. 12-It is advisable to leave in the lodging place personal documentation (passport, ID cards), and take with you only copies of them and your driver's license.  13-If you have lost or have been robbed of you money, documents or other objects, report it immediately to the local police and claim a copy of it.
Then go to the Consulate in order to obtain the proper documentation to return to your country.
"Claim that in the report to be on record what happened. If the loss was for robbery (pillage) do not let them change it for loss, because it does not only alter the statistical value but also the tramit of the new documentation."
14-You have to have an extension of your vehicle's insurance valid in Uruguay. Ask your Insurance Company.  
15-Remember it is convenient to have a health insurance, coverage for luggage loss and legal assistance. Public Hospitals of Uruguay do not have free assistance for non residents, or for those who do not have Public Health Cards.
16-In the Beaches, only go into the sea in places where there are lifeguards. Remember it is forbidden to enter the beach with dogs or other animals. It is not allowed to enter the beaches with vehicles (some exceptions) having high fines if it is done.  Source: General Consulate of the Argentine Republic in Montevideo - Uruguay

to take into account




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