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    The Mate

    Information about The Mate


    Tradition of the country men... 

    The mate is the close friend of the eastern coutry man, it was neves absent and will never be absent in a ranch, however much poor the person is.


    From dusk to dawn, any spare time the rural wokrs leave is filled by the men with bitter mate, also called cimarrón, and by women with sweet mate.


    It is a ritual for all the Uruguayan... 

    The mate is a drink, but more than that, a ritual that is linked to eastern people in an almost symbolic way. The dryed and ground leaves of the yerba-mate tree are the basic principle of this infusion that is drunk inside a "mate" (dry calabash) and is sucked with a metal straw called "bombilla".


    Therapeutic Properties 

    The yerba mate is basically a stimulating drink which obliterates the fatigue, stimulating mental ans physical activity. It has a beneficial effect in nerves and muscles, and also rises the intelectual work.


    As a result of the central stimulating effects of the xanthin together with the activation of reserve elements, the cardiovascular activity strengthens the organism.


    The xanthin has a well known effect in the Central Nervous System, which stimulates mental activity.

    Thanks to its vitamin B, the yerba-mate cooperates with the entry of sugar in the muscles and nerves and with the cerebral activity of the human being; vitamin C and E, act as organic defence and in the fibres of the organism; the mineral salts, together with the xanthin, help cardiovascular acitivity and blood circulation lowing the pressure. The xanthin works as vasodilator.


    In some circumstances, the hunger can be satiated.

    The yerba-mate rises the diuresis and is veru useful when having problems in the bladder. It also operates in the digestif tube activating the peristaltic movements. It facilitates digestion, helps with gastric problems and rises the evacuation and urination.


    The stimulating action of yerba-mate last longer than that of the coffee and does not have side effects such as insomnia and irritability.


    Meanings of Mate

    Bitter: apathy

    Sweet: friendship

    With honey: marriage

    Boiling hot: hate

    Cold: contempt

    Source: San José City Council






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