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  • Hotels in Montevideo
  • Apart Hotels en MontevideoHotels 3 Stars in MontevideoHotels 4 Stars in MontevideoHotels 5 Stars in Montevideo
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  • General Information about Uruguay
  • The Eastern Republic of Uruguay, formerly called Banda Oriental (East Bank), is located in the southern part&nbs...
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  • Tourism in Uruguay
  • Although the high touristic season is in summer, from December to March, because of its wonderful beaches, Uruguay is...
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  • General Information about Trinidad
  • It is the capital of Flores State.  It is located 188 km from Montevideo.It was founded on July 18th, 1804. It w...
    Search more about: Trinidad (city)

  • General Information about Salto City
  • The origins of Salto city date from the end of the XVII Century. The date November 8th of 1756 is recognized as the f...
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  • Casinos in Montevideo
  • Casinos in Montevideo
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  • General Information about Montevideo (state)
  • Montevideo State is located int he south of Uruguay. At north it borders on Canelones state and at south on River Pla...
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  • The transport in Uruguay
  • In Uruguay there are 8.705 kilometers of highways and 2.300 kilometers of freeways.Also there are the 64 airports, mo...
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  • General Information about Montevideo (city)
  • With the strange priviledge of having more than twenty kilometres of beach in the city proper, the Uruguayan capital ...
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  • Information about San JosĂ©
  • San José covers an important place in the history of uruguay, its territory was stage for important facts that...
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  • to take into account
  • Remember that when you visit a foreign country, the laws and culture of that country are applied. It is advisable the...
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  • General Information about San Carlos
  • It is located at north of Maldonado's capital, around 15 km from the city capital (Maldonado). It has a populatio...
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  • Theatres in Montevideo
  • List of Theatres
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  • General Information about Atlantida
  • The city of Atlántida is located in Canelones, to 45 km from Montevideo and 20 km from International Airport o...
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  • General Information about Maldonado City
  • It is the capital of Maldonado State.  It is located in the southeast of the country. At southeast it boarders o...
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  • Museums in Montevideo
  • Museums of Montevideo
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  • Uruguay Center Club
  • It is a known Social Institution in what refers to keeping tradition. It is the Uruguay de Melo Centre, founded on Au...
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  • Bumper Rent a Car
  • Located in the heart of Montevideo.
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  • Sala Anexa - Victoria Plaza Casino

  • Search more about: Casinos in Montevideo

  • Wine Cellars in Montevideo
  • List of Wine Cellars
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  • Rent a Car in Montevideo
  • Rent a Car in Montevideo
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  • Cines en Montevideo
  • Cinemas
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  • General Information about Pan de AzĂșcar
  • It is located on the west of the state, 23 km from Maldonado City.  It has a population of 7,098 inhabitants.&nb...
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  • Puerto de Montevideo

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  • Phone
  • American Express Tel: (598-2) 140 1800 (24 hours.) CabalTel: (598-2) 481 8999 Diners Club Uruguay S.A. Cust...
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  • Sightseen
  • Port of SaltoIt has a great river movement and it formed the first company of navigation in the River Plate, bec...
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  • Sala - Montevideo Shopping Casino

  • Search more about: Casinos in Montevideo

  • General Information about Carmelo
  • The city of Carmelo is in Colonia del Sacramento state, 236 km from Montevideo.It is situated on Las Vacas stream, op...
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  • Hospitals
  • Hospitals in Montevideo
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  • General Information about Lavalleja (state)
  • Lavalleja state is located in the southeast of the country and its capital is the city of Minas. you can access the s...
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    Apart Hotels en Montevideo
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    Hoteles 3 Estrellas en Montevideo
    Hoteles 4 Estrellas en Montevideo
    Hoteles 5 Estrellas en Montevideo
    Restaurantes en Montevideo
    Montevideo (ciudad)
    Montevideo (departamento)
    Casinos y Salas en Montevideo
    Fotos de Montevideo
    Hospitales y Sanatorios en Montevideo

    Microsoft and Adaptrum Teamed Up to Demonstrate "Super Wi-Fi" at IDB Meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay

    Montevideo Fares from American & LAN

    Wife Of Uruguay Manager Oscar Tabarez Attacked On Montevideo Street

    Press Releases: U.S. Department of State Partners With the Government of Uruguay To Present TechCamp Montevideo

    Montevideo, Uruguay, 15 June 2011 - Secretary-General''s remarks to Parliament of Uruguay

    Montevideo, Uruguay, 14 June 2011 - Secretary-General''s press conference after meeting with President Jose Mujica of ...

    Learning From a Clown in Montevideo, Uruguay

    Uruguay Investigates Fires in Korean Vessels in Montevideo

    Uruguay wants India to set up full mission at Montevideo

    MercoPress (Montevideo) 03/24/10 (Arts Journal)




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